Are You a Lifelong Learner?

I’ve always been enjoying learning new things – a lifelong learner. And nowadays there is so much knowledge available to us at our fingertips – books, podcasts, webinars, YouTube videos, and courses!

The most frustrating becomes the shortage of time to read, listen, or watch everything that I already carefully sorted out and put on my highest-priority list.

I do listen to podcasts and watch videos at an increased speed to save time. And I am satisfied with how I keep up with my favorite podcasts.

But my reading list seemed to be only growing – I added new books to my Amazon wish list, but there were hardly any books leaving it. I used to consider myself a slow reader.

And I believed my memory was not great, I could easily forget what I read about.

But this changed after I read Limitless by Jim Kwik!

Boy with a Broken Brain
Jim Kwik is one of the most known coaches on fast reading and learning. His mission is not to leave anyone behind. And he is passionate about it because as a child he had head traumas and could not read and therefore learn for a long time. He was even called “a boy with a broken brain” and almost dropped out of school.

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