How Hypnotherapy Reduces and Prevents Stress

What is Stress

Stress is a normal part of life. It is actually a protective mechanism of your body mobilizing innate resources for fight-or-flight reactions. So, a short-term stress reaction is actually a life-saving mechanism.

And stress isn’t only a negative experience. Often we seek stress willingly in activities varying from watching action or horror movies, playing exciting computer games, doing sports, and participating in competitions, to bungy jumping. Such stress we call excitement.

Moderate amounts of deliberate stress exposure are even extremely beneficial for your health. Sports, heat and cold exposure, or fasting are examples of such stressors which improve your vitality and longevity.

But chronic stress has negative impacts both on your physical and mental health.

Causes and Symptoms of Chronic Stress
Understanding what causes stress and its symptoms can help you better manage it.

Some common causes of stress include:
- demanding work
- sleep deprivation
- financial problems
- parenting especially young children or children with developmental and behavioral issues.

Also, prolonged time spent in front of screens – mobiles and computers, time spent on social media or gaming – is stressful and poses a risk factor for mental health, especially for young adults.

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