Regression Hypnotherapy – How It Works, What it Does for You, and More

Regression hypnotherapy uses hypnotic techniques to help people overcome emotional problems by processing past experiences in a safe environment so that they start feeling well.

It is an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma, and more. Find out what it does and how it works!

What Is Regression Hypnosis?

The purpose of regression therapy is to find out how the past events in your life affect your current life. Hypnotic regression therapy uses hypnosis to link the current issues with the events in your past.

Those past events are linked to the root cause of the long-lasting issues you experience today. So, the purpose of regression therapy is to gain an understanding of the root cause of the current issues.

Though the events happened long ago, the beliefs formed back then direct, drive, and sometimes limit your life causing various issues.

Rational vs. Unconscious Understanding

You might have a good rational guess on how certain events in your past contributed to who you are now as a person. Nevertheless, hypnotic regression helps you to go deeper and remember how those events affected you emotionally in the past.

Rational memories, or the memories that you remember rationally, are limited to certain facts and lack completeness. But this does not mean that the information got lost with time. Your unconscious keeps much fuller and more detailed information about your past.

The purpose of accessing those memories is to remember how you felt about events in your past, what was your understanding of them, what beliefs you formed back then under the influence of the events.

What Are The Ages Treated In Regression Hypnotherapy?

Events that influence your beliefs about yourself and your life are typically formed before the age of 8 or 10. Events and environments in very early childhood can be impactful. The beliefs formed already in the early years get confirmed and become stronger in the following years.

Traumatic events that happened in your adulthood can also play an important role and be treated in age regression therapy.

The Benefits of Regression Hypnotherapy

Neuroscience shows that your consciousness has a predictive function. That means that it does not simply analyze everything on your path. Your consciousness creates a limited and very selective personal perception of your life.

Your consciousness perceives what it expects to perceive. And those expectations are aligned with your past experience and beliefs that you formed about yourself and your life.

Therefore when regression hypnotherapists use hypnosis to overcome negative emotions about past experiences, this can change your current thinking, emotions and behaviors.

This therapy has been used successfully with clients who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depression, excess weight, and other issues.

How Does Regression Hypnotherapy Work?

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